April 23, 2014


The Center for Computational Intractability started in September 2008 with a 5-year grant from NSF of approximately $2M per year. Some of our activities receive additional support from DIMACS, the Institute for Advanced Study, and the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) at Princeton University.

In addition to supporting students and faculty at the participating institutions, the Center is also a resource for the research community worldwide. We have funding for about 5-6 postdoctoral fellows as well as visiting researchers and students from other universities. We host several workshops each year.

I encourage you to apply for one of our postdoctoral or visiting researcher positions, or propose topics for workshops and summer schools. Please contact us at computational DOT intractability AT gmail DOT com. If you personally know one of the Center members, please feel free to contact them as well.

Moses Charikar, Director


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